The Mission

FeelChef born from the idea of bringing together customers and restaurants so that customer have the possibility to choose with awareness the food they will eat and request a specific menu, or request the composition of the product to suit they needs, and the restaurants to try to meet that need with quality production, have less waste and always full tables.

Booking a restaurant is done in different ways, or because we have eaten in that restaurant, or because it was recommended to us, or because we read reviews, other than the first case where we know how to eat in other cases we have a representation of the food that comes from the outside, with FeelChef we try to break down this limit going to make known the proposed menu and then choose the restaurant consciously.

In all areas, the product is advertised, in the restaurant business is almost never revealed the product, with FeelChef we give top priority to the product (the menu + services ).