FeelChef is the only platform that brings together the tastes of users with the possibility to consciously choose the food that they're going to eat and possibly request a specific menu , or request the composition of it to suit your needs , with best proposals of the Chefs .
Booking a restaurant is done in different ways, or because we have eaten in that restaurant, or because it was recommended to us, or because we read reviews, other than the first case where we know how to eat in other cases we have a representation of the food that comes from the outside, with FeelChef we try to break down this limit going to make known the proposed menu and then choose the restaurant consciously. In all areas, the product is advertised, in the restaurant business is almost never revealed the product, with FeelChef we give top priority to the product (the menu + services ).
No FeelChef for the users is always free
Reserve FeelChef is relatively simple, look for a menu that suits your needs, you can try refining your search with filters, book indicating the date, time, the number of the menu you want and the number of guests. Or by making a request for a special time , such as :
  • A dinner by candlelight for 2
    The sea
    Fish Base and wine unobtainable
    Piano bar
    car park.
You will receive several offers from our affiliates and you can choose the most suitable to your esigneze.
booking immediately receive confirmation by email with the details of booking and the booking code.
FeelChef give you a tool for a personalized menu according to your needs. On the home page are in addition to research the possibility of making a request, this is based on the type of food you want, the date, the time in which you prefer to eat, the number of custom menus, the number of guests, which dish would receive and which services you need and a price you are willing to spend. All these features will make up your request, you can specify special needs. To make sure that your requests will be accepted by our affiliates, and these you can present their best solutions, we invite you to be clear and consistent in the application.
Yes, in your history booking you can delete the book, for the best experience and improve FeelChef we ask you to indicate the reason of delete